Shake & Rake Fiberglass Attic Insulation

Shake & Rake is the perfect way to insulate small attic or floor places. The bag easily fits through attic access entry. Simply shake out the product and fluff with a garden rake or similar tool. Fiberglass insulation offers exceptional R-value, year-round comfort, and reduces sound transmission.The easiest way to get more energy savings is to install more insulation. Most people only think of insulation when it?s cold out, and for obvious reasons. However, insulation keeps the house cooler in the summer as well as saving money on the air conditioning bill!


Product Features

Saves Energy

Excellent thermal performance helps reduce the operating costs of heating and air conditioning a home.

Recycled Content

Made from a high degree of post-consumer recycled content.

No Machine Required

Installs clean and easy with no specialized tools. Use a standard rake, gardening tools, or just gloves.
Product Details
Attic Application
Attic Application
R-Value * Min. Bags/ 1,000 Sq. Ft. Max. Coverage/Bag Net Min. Weight/ Sq. Ft. Initial Installed Thickness Min. Settled Thickness**
To obtain an insulation 
 resistance of:
Number of bags per 1,000 square feet of net area should not be less than: Contents of this bag should not cover more than: Weight per square foot of installed insulation  should not be less than: Installed insulation should not be less than: Installed insulation should not be less than:
R-13 16.1 62.2 sq. ft. 0.25 lb. 5" 5"
R-19 23.6 42.4 sq. ft. 0.36 lb. 7½" 7½"
R-22 27.2 36.7 sq. ft. 0.42 lb. 8½" 8½"
R-25 30.9 32.4 sq. ft. 0.48 lb. 9½" 9½"
R-30 37.1 27.0 sq. ft. 0.57 lb. 11½" 11½"
R-38 47.0 21.3 sq. ft. 0.73 lb. 14½" 14½"
R-44 54.5 18.4 sq. ft. 0.84 lb. 17" 17"
R-49 60.7 16.5 sq. ft. 0.94 lb. 19" 19"
R-60 74.2 13.5 sq. ft. 1.15 lb. 23" 23"

Bag Net Weight - Nominal 15.5 lb., Minimum 14.5 lb.
*“R” means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. To get the marked R-value it is essential that this insulation be installed properly.
**Based on Third Party 10-year settling study, the predicted settlement over a 20-year period would be 1 percent or less. This amount of settling is thermally insignificant.
Therefore, the installed and settled thicknesses are effectively the same.
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Shake & Rake Loose Fill Insulation


To get the most out of your loose fill insulation, proper installation is one of the most important parts. Tackle those small attic and floor insulation projects with confidence by following these step by step instructions to measure the area, open the packaging, and distribute evenly.
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