How To Install EcoBatt IRD Insulation

Recommended Materials + Equipment


Jobsite Prep

  • Preferably, install EcoBatt IRD prior to HVAC installation.
  • Make sure area is clear of debris.
  • Adjust the stapler’s pressure to leave roughly 1/16"–1/8" of the staple crown revealed.
  • Set up scaffolding or ladder, and ensure all parts are locked.


Unvented Attics

  • If installing in an Unvented Attic application, make sure the attic area is properly air sealed, paying particular attention to the roof deck, gable ends, eaves, and any roof penetrations.


Batt Installation

  • Install IRD batts along the eave, working up the slope of the roof deck.
  • Ensure the facing is tight against the roof deck and the edges of the IRD batt touch each other beneath the top chord of the roof truss, creating a thermal break. The friction fit will hold the batt in place until stapling.



  • A minimum of six (6) staples per batt: one in each corner a minimum of 6" from either edge, and two (2) additional down the center line of the batt, approximately 16" from both ends of the batt.
  • The IRD batts will envelop the 2x4 roof truss, so that the framing is hidden from view—creating a thermal break.


Insulation Stop Install

  • Only required for vented attics.
  • Install insulation stops at bottom of eave, allowing air flow between ceiling insulation and IRD roof deck batts.

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