Proto® PVC Fitting Covers

Designed to work with all standard and specialty fittings, this product line provides excellent insulation for mechanical piping systems. It's easy to install and delivers quality appearance, plus excellent durability.


Product Features
Proven Performance
Provides excellent insulation for mechanical piping systems at fitting locations. This quality PVC facing for straight run piping delivers a smooth appearance and excellent durability.
Easy Install & Handling
Designed to work with all standard and specialty fittings. Precut fiberglass inserts help save time and labor, making install more efficient.
Quality Design
1000° F rated. 1 pcf dense insulation. It's classified as noncombustible and meets all fungi and corrosion resistance criteria so you can trust its durability and performance.
Product Details
Forms Available
Thickness: Standard and Heavy Duty
Fitting Covers: 45° and 90° small and long radius, tees, valves, flanges, reducers, end caps, traps, mechanical groove - fittings and many more
Jacketing: PVC rolls and cut and curl are available in thickness ranging from 10 to 40 mil at a 35 1/2” and 48” width
Operating Temperature
PVC: -20° F (-29° C) to 150° F (66° C) (exposed surface)
Inserts: - 20° F (-29° C) to 1000° F (538° C)
Physical Properties
Specific Gravity (ASTMD-792): 1.41
Tensile Modulus, PSI (ASTMD-638): 361,000 (25,380kg/cm2)
Tensile Strength, PSI (ASTMD-638): 6,011
Flexural Strength, PSI (ASTMD-790): 9,396
IZOD Impact (1/4”) ft. lb./in(ASTMD-256): 3.7
Heat Deflection Temp. (ASTMD-648) @ 264 PSI (8.95 kg/cm2): 157° F (70° C)
VICAT Softening Temp. (ASTMD-1525): 198° F (92° C)
Permeance (WVTR): 0.015” thick, ≤0.058
  • ASTM E E96: 0.020” thick, ≤0.047
  • Procedure A Perm, (grains/hr-ft2in Hg): 0.030” thick, ≤0.027
  • Tested over code compliant Vapor barrier*: 0.02” thick, ≤0.02
  • *ASTM C1136@ ≤ 0.02 perm
ASTM E 84 and CAN/ULC S102: Flame, ≤25
Surface Burning Characteristics: Smoke, ≤50
Puncture Resistance (ASTMD781): 0.006” thick, 178 Beach Units and 0.015” thick, 221 Beach Units
Electrical resistance: Non-conductor
Specification Compliance
ASTM E84: Surface burning characteristics
ASTM E136: Non-combustibility (insert only)
ASTM C-585: Standard dimensions for pipe
ASTM 1784: Specification for rigid PVC
ASTM C1338: Fungi test
ASTM G21 & G22: Fungi and bacteria test
Federal Specification
  • LP-1035A: Federal standard PVC - Type II Grade GU
  • LP-535E: US Army standard PVC - Type II Grade GU
  • USDA: United States Department of Agriculture
New York City MEA: Toxicity
  • CAN/CGSB – 51.53.95: PVC Jacketing
  • CAN/ULC S102: Surface burning characteristics
  • Agriculture Canada
ICC: International code council
IBC: International building code
IMC: International mechanical code
Green Building Attributes
Manufacturing Location: Clearwater, FL
Recycled Content: Pre 55+%
CA 1350 - VOC: Pass office and School
  • Berkeley Analytical: Cert NO 160504 – 10
LEED Credits per V4: Contributes EA, MR, EQ (See Proto LEED credit guide)
RoHS: Heavy metal compliant
DecaBDE ≤0.01%: Pass State of Oregon
Rigid PVC: No plasticizers or phthalates
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