Metal Building Insulation

When it comes to metal buildings, insulation is crucial. Without it, outside temperatures can easily affect the indoor temperatures and it can get pretty noisy. For overall indoor comfort, metal or steel building insulation will help maintain temperatures, control sound and even provide energy savings.
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Key Benefits
Save Money
Save on your heating and cooling bills
Year-Round Comfort
Make your environment warmer in winter and cooler in summer
Reduced Noise
Reduce room-to-room sound transmission
Condensation Control
Provides some protection against condensation
Why Metal Building Insulation is Important

Metal buildings can often amplify sound. Have you ever been in a building with a tin roof when it’s raining? It can get pretty loud. Adding metal building insulation can help absorb this sound, minimizing the amount of noise transfer.

In general, metal is a much better heat conductor than wood. Which can cause a drastic fluctuation in temperatures indoors, depending on the temperatures outdoors. This can lead to energy loss and create the potential for condensation to form — which is dangerous for the overall structure. Adding insulation for metal buildings in walls and roofs can help maintain temperatures — improving overall indoor comfort, reducing energy loss which can reduce heating and cooling costs. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Insulation

To make sure you’re getting the maximum benefits, you’ll need insulation with the proper R-value. R-value refers to the insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. The greater the R-value the greater the insulating performance. R-value requirements are different based on your location. Colder climates will typically require a higher R-Value for even greater thermal resistance. Use the energy code map as your go-to guide for determining R-value for your region.

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EcoBatt® Insulation
Quality engineered thermal and acoustical fiberglass batt insulation with innovative ECOSE® technology is ideal for floors, walls, ceilings and attics.
2.5" - 13.75"
R-8 - R-49
11" - 24"
Condensation Control Blanket
Helps with condensation and noise control in pre-engineered buildings used for agricultural and storage applications.
Metal Building Cavity Insulation
Provides thermal insulation for walls and roofs of metal buildings, helping decrease heating and air conditioning costs.
Metal Building Insulation - NAIMA 202-96 (Rev. 2000)
Unfaced insulation delivers thermal properties for walls and roofs, helping decrease heating and air conditioning costs.
3.25" - 9.25"
R-10 - R-30
36"; 48"
Unfaced Metal Building Insulation (Canada)
Provides ideal thermal insulation for walls and roofs in metal buildings, helping to decrease heating and air conditioning costs.
EcoRoll® Insulation
Quality thermal and acoustical insulation with ECOSE® Technology for attics, floors, walls, ceilings and more.
3.5" - 10"
R-11 - R-30
15" and 23"
How to Choose the Right Insulation
Fiberglass Insulation
The smart choice to make spaces more comfortable and energy efficient.
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The ability to resist heat flow — insulation's thermal resistance.
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Thermal Properties
Ability to enhance a thermal enclosure for comfort and efficiency.
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Insulating For Sound
Sound absorption characteristics, helping reduce noise transmission.
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