ECOSEAL™ Plus Sealant

Put it to the test. This water-based elastomeric sealant fills joints and penetrations in the building enclosure. Designed with Gasket Pro Technology, it provides a gasket between studs and drywall. Creating a high performance, continuous and affordable thermal barrier, ECOSEAL™ Plus delivers.

Available only in full truckload quantities.


Product Features
Proven Performance
ECOSEAL™ Plus Sealant penetrates gaps as small as ⅛", eliminating air flow to the whole structure. Dries tough to the compressible gasket, remains flexible, and resists damage during drywall installation.
Quality Design
ECOSEAL™ Plus is a more sustainable alternative to foam insulation and provides excellent thermal and even acoustical performance.
Easy Install & Handling
Safe to spray and cleans up with water. This sealant gets the job done without the added effort or risks of mixing hazardous chemicals at the job site. Better yet, no chemical solvents are required.
Product Details
Technical Data
  • Blue
  • Approx. 27 lbs. (12.3 kg.)
  • Five-gallon pail, ships 36 pails/pallet
Shelf Life:
  • 18 months in unopened containers
  • Approx. 2,400 linear feet/bucket applying a 1/4" bead
Temperature Limits:
  • Application: 20° F–125° F; Storage: 50° F–120° F
  • Buckets should not be stored directly on cold concrete floors. Portable jobsite heaters are recommended when ambient temperature falls below 40°F .
  • Note: Protect from freezing. If frozen, completely thaw and stir for 60 seconds prior to use. Temperature must be be above freezing when sprayed. Passes five freeze-thaw cycles.
Surface Burning Characteristics | ASTM E84 
  • Flame spread/smoke developed: 25/50
Sound Transmission | ASTM E90 
  • Provided a significant sound transmission reduction, 10 dB, versus unsealed walls
Mold Growth | ASTM C1338: Pass
ECOSEAL™ Plus is applied directly from the bucket, with no thinning or mixing. Using an airless sprayer (2.2 HP minimium, or Graco 795 or larger), typical drying time allows the installation of insulation in just a few hours in most cases. Once cured, it remains flexible over a wide range of temperatures. ECOSEAL™ Plus is designed to be installed by trained applicators. It is safe to work with as it requires no specialized handling or saftey equipment.
Specification Compliance
Meets or exceeds all state and federal VOC requirements for architectural sealants; VOC: 0
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ECOSEAL Plus Air Sealant
From setting up the workspace, working the sprayer machine, to clean-up, get step by step instructions on how to apply ECOSEAL Plus air sealant. There are some great tips and tricks on using a sprayer machine to make the installation a smooth, quick and clean process.
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