Spray-On Sealant

Air sealing helps keep homes more comfortable by filling gaps and voids that help to control indoor temperature and air quality. During the new construction phase you can promote air flow resistance throughout the whole structure — not just the cavities. In addition, spray-on sealant contributes to making homes quieter. When properly applied, air sealant can reduce the transmission of sound by as much as 10 STC points in sealed exterior and interior walls compared to unsealed walls. It even adds improved durability by helping to limit vapor flow through assemblies.

Key Benefits
Total Envelope Solution
Delivers air flow resistance to the whole structure, not just the cavities
Proven Performance
Provides excellent air flow resistance and acoustical properties
Safe to Spray
No hazardous chemicals or off-gassing involved
Easy Cleanup
Cleans up with water, no chemical solvents required
Resists damage during drywall installation so the product stays intact
How to Create an Air-Tight Structure
Choosing the right sealant makes installation easier and provides peak thermal and acoustic performance in residential projects. Sealant can be installed on top plates and bottom plates, at wall intersections, sheathing joints, band joists and any junctions of dissimilar materials that are prone to air leakage.
ECOSEAL™ Plus Sealant
Water-based elastomeric sealant that fills joints, gaps and penetrations to prevent air infiltration.
Shelf Life
18 months
2400 ft/bucket
Full Truckload Only
By specifying the use of air sealant, architects and residential designers can support green building initiatives and easily meet the ever-tightening IECC air sealing requirements. You can provide your clients with a product that:
  • Helps to exceed EPA Energy Star requirements for air leakage resistance
  • Meets Class A fire and smoke rating criteria
  • Releases virtually no volatile organic compounds (0.03 ppm)
  • Lowers energy bills over the lifetime of the structure
  • Creates a more comfortable environment
  • Provides a cleaner indoor environment
  • Reduces carbon emissions of the home and building
Spray-on sealant makes it easier to meet IECC air leakage requirements at competitive installation costs when compared to methods utilizing spray foam, tapes and other alternative materials. 

Spray-on air sealant can be used in difficult to reach areas or on the face of framing members. It can be used as a drywall gasket, enabling you to seal off the attic to top plate connection from the floor. It's easy to use, allowing you to apply it with a bulk load gun or complete in a single pass with a 2.3 horse power and 3000 psi airless sprayer.

Sprayers and replacement parts are readily available from construction material distributors. Plus, no special clothing or PPE is needed and spray equipment cleans up with water. In addition, air sealant can be applied in a wide range of temperatures and without interrupting scheduling of other trades. 
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Designed to Meet Industry Standards
We manufacture an air sealing product to meet the following environmental and building standards to help you reach your green building goals and other requirements.
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