Batt Insulation

The building professionals’ choice: batt insulation for single-family houses, multi-family structures and light commercial projects. As a professional installer or remodeler, your goal is always to get the job done right—on time, on budget and in the best interest of your customer–while growing your business. That’s why pros choose fiberglass batt insulation. It installs quickly and easily, provides a snug fit, and delivers excellent thermal and sound control.

Key Benefits of Batt Insulation
Pro's Choice
Fiberglass batts are preferred by professionals concerned with quality, appearance and productivity.
Proven Performance
Fiberglass batt insulation provides excellent thermal and acoustical properties.
Minimal Cleanup
Minimal dust is created during fiberglass batt installation.
Fast Install
Batt insulation is fabricated to make the job more efficient.
Consistent Quality
Insulation batts are made of resilient fibers that cut easily.
Discover the Perfect Batt Insulation for Your Next Job
Fiberglass batt insulation gives you the choice of R-values between R-8 to R-49 to accommodate client needs by region and structure. Pre-cut insulation batts come in set lengths and widths to quickly and easily fill standard wood and metal framing in attics, ceilings, floors and walls.
EcoBatt® Insulation
Quality engineered thermal and acoustical fiberglass batt insulation with innovative ECOSE® technology is ideal for floors, walls, ceilings and attics.
2.5" - 13.75"
R-8 - R-49
11" - 24"
Contractors and dealers alike choose batt insulation because the rectangular bags are easily stacked for efficient storage and transportation. With fiberglass batts, you can load or stock up to 43 percent more insulation in your trucks or warehouse compared to rolls. Five bags of batts cover the same square footage as nine bags of rolls. When it comes to insulation batts vs. rolls, batts offer more insulation in less packaging, meaning fewer trips to and from the job site, and less cutting. Learn more about the key benefits to our batt insulation product.

Transport and Install with Ease

For contractors, a common question is how to install batt insulation efficiently. Our pre-cut fiberglass insulation batts are created with the professional and installer in mind. The compact packaging means you can transport significantly more product in a single shipment, and the pre-cut fiberglass batts make installation fast and easy for labor teams, saving you time and money.
Designed to Meet Industry Standards
Knauf Insulation’s commitment to community and bettering the world is enhanced by our mindful manufacturing processes. Our sustainable fiberglass batt insulation meets the highest environmental and building standards to help you reach your green building goals. When your clients ask what batt insulation is the best on the market, you can confidently offer them the highest-quality option available. Please refer to individual product documentation for complete certifications, rating systems and disclosures.
How to Choose the Right Insulation
Fiberglass Insulation
The smart choice to make spaces more comfortable and energy efficient.
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The ability to resist heat flow — insulation's thermal resistance.
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Thermal Properties
Ability to enhance a thermal enclosure for comfort and efficiency.
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Insulating For Sound
Sound absorption characteristics, helping reduce noise transmission.
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