Basement & Crawlspace Insulation

The basement — typically known for being a cold space. But with the proper insulation, all that can change. Basement insulation can actually improve indoor home comfort and even save you money on energy costs. An effective insulation project that can be handled by a professional installer or a DIYer.
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Key Benefits
Save Money
Save on your home’s heating and cooling bills
Year-Round Comfort
Maintain indoor temperatures in the winter and the summer
Reduce Noise
Reduce room-to-room sound transmission
Getting Started

Before you hurry to install your basement insulation, you’ll want to examine the space first. Make sure your basement isn’t prone to water damage. All concrete basements can see a certain level of moisture, as concrete is porous, making basements a little tricky to insulate. So choosing the right insulation is important.

Additionally, you’ll want basement insulation that provides the right amount of thermal performance. How do you make sure you’re getting the maximum benefits? Install insulation with the proper R-value

How Do You Figure Out R-Value?

R-value refers to the insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. The greater the R-value the greater the insulating performance. R-value requirements are different based on your location. Colder climates will typically require a higher R-value for even greater thermal resistance. Use the energy code map to help determine R-value for your region. 


Source: 2012 IECC

Browse Our Selection of Fiberglass Basement Insulation
Between the cold and moisture your basement sees, proper insulation is important. That’s why our fiberglass basement insulation is designed to provide the quality you’re looking for.
Basement Wall Insulation
Designed for unfinished basements, ensuring proper thermal performance to help reduce energy loss.
48"; 88"
EcoBatt® Insulation
Quality engineered thermal and acoustical fiberglass batt insulation with innovative ECOSE® technology is ideal for floors, walls, ceilings and attics.
2.5" - 13.75"
R-8 - R-49
11" - 24"
EcoRoll® Insulation
Quality thermal and acoustical insulation with ECOSE® Technology for attics, floors, walls, ceilings and more.
3.5" - 10"
R-11 - R-30
15" and 23"
How to Choose the Right Insulation
Fiberglass Insulation
The smart choice to make spaces more comfortable and energy efficient.
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The ability to resist heat flow — insulation's thermal resistance.
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Thermal Properties
Ability to enhance a thermal enclosure for comfort and efficiency.
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Insulating For Sound
Sound absorption characteristics, helping reduce noise transmission.
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