Pipe Insulation

Proper performance and safety are top of mind when it comes to pipe insulation. Installing it can lead to more effective operation, reduce overall operating costs and even provide protection.
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Key Benefits
Thermal Performance
Maintains temperature for improved process control
Reduced Utility Costs
Reduces energy loss which can lower utility costs
Protects against elevated surface temperatures
Sound Control
Helps absorb operational noises
The Importance of Pipe Insulation

Thermal Performance & Reduced Utility Costs

To effectively do their job, pipes need the right insulation. Whether it’s a natural gas pipe, hot or cold pipe, temperature consistency is crucial. Adding industrial pipe insulation delivers better process control by maintaining the temperature from pipe entry to exit. This can lead to greater operating efficiencies and reduced energy loss — which, in turn, can lead to reduced operating costs.

Condensation Control

When temperatures aren’t maintained, pipes can often develop condensation, which can lead to pooling water. Proper insulation, with the appropriate facing applied, can help minimize the chance of condensation building up.

Sound Control

During operation, pipes can create vibrations or even banging noises. Pipe insulation can help absorb these excessive operational sounds.


Elevated temperature pipes can be unsafe to come in contact with. Fiberglass pipe insulation can provide a protective layer over the pipe surface by minimizing the heat transfer. For these high temperatures, you’ll want insulation that can also provide fire protection and reduce the spread of flames.

Expertly Designed

For quick and simple install, you can find pipe insulation that comes in a clamshell design, making it easier to seal in place. Consider a clean, finished look for the space and use insulation with a facing that leaves fewer wrinkles and is easier to wipe clean.

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Earthwool® 1000° Pipe Insulation
Durable and resilient industrial pipe insulation that’s designed to handle maximum operating temperatures up to 1000ºF for iron, copper, and stainless pipes.
Wall Thickness
0.5" - 6"
Temperature Range
0°F - 1000°F
Thermal Conductivity
0.23 (BTU∙in/h∙ft²∙°F) @75°F Mean Temperature
Earthwool® Pipe & Tank Insulation
Designed for large-diameter pipes and tanks, it's noted for its sustainability, thermal performance up to 850ºF and high quality.
1" - 4"
12' - 48'
KwikFlex® Pipe & Tank Insulation
Available in 3 facings, it provides excellent acoustical and thermal insulation up to 850ºF for tanks, vessels and pipes.
1" - 4"
10' - 52'
Proto® PVC Fitting Covers
Designed to work with all standard and specialty fittings, it provides excellent insulation for mechanical piping systems.