Basement Wall Insulation

Thoughtfully crafted for year-round home comfort. Fiberglass insulation designed for unfinished basements ensures proper thermal performance, helping reduce energy loss. Laminated to a Class A perforated facing, it can be left exposed.

Not available in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.


Product Features
Thermal Performance
Seals out the weather. Seals in the temperature. Provides high thermal performance in compliance to building codes, helping maintain the temperature for comfortable room conditions.
ECOSE® Technology
Our patented, bio-based binder is a smarter alternative to using phenol formaldehyde. It’s been foundational in our commitment to sustainability. For the world we live in.
Quality Design
Engineered for unfinished basements, it meets the IECC Code for a continuous R-value in most climate zones. It reflects light to help brighten the room and assists in noise reduction.
Product Details
Technical Data
Technical Data
Property (Unit) Test Performance
Corrosiveness ASTM C665 Does not accelerate corrosion of steel
Thermal Value ASTM C518 R-11
Combustibility ASTM E136 Non-combustible (insulation only)
Surface Burning Characteristics (flame spread/smoke developed) ASTM E84* 25/50

*The ASTM E84 standard is used solely to measure and describe properties of materials and products in response to heat and flame under controlled laboratory conditions. This numerical flame spread is not intended to reflect hazards presented by this or any other material under actual fire conditions.
Forms Available
Forms Available
R-Value Dimensions Facing
R-11 3.5" x 48" x 60' PSK Perforated (White)
3.5" x 88" x 60'
IECC - Basement Walls R-Values
Climate Zone IECC - Basement Walls R-Values
2006ª 2009b  2012b 2015b
1 0 0 0 0
2 0 0 0 0
3 0 R-5/R-13 R-5/R-13 R-5/R-13
Except Marine
R-10/R-13 R-10/R-13 R-10/R-13 R-10/R-13
4 Marine & 5 R-10/R-13 R-10/R-13 R-15/R-19 R-15/R-19
6 R-10/R-13 R-15/R-19 R-15/R-19 R-15/R-19
7 8 R-10/R-13 R-15/R-19 R-15/R-19 R-15/R-19

a. The first R-Value applies to continuous insulation, the second to framing cavity insulation; either insulation meets the requirement.
b. R-15/R-19" shall be permitted to be met with R-13 cavity insulation on the interior of the basement wall plus R-5 continuous insulated sheathing on the interior or exterior of the home. "R-10/R-13" means R-10 continuous insulated sheathing on the interior or exterior of the home or R-13 cavity insulation at the interior of the basement wall.

Source: 2012 IECC
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Basement Wall Insulation


Learn how to install Basement Wall Insulation in your unfinished basement. Watch a full video showing the installation instructions from start to finish. Find the full list of required tools and materials. Read detailed installation instructions with great visuals. Install with confidence.
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