Earthwool® 1000° Pipe Insulation

This pipe insulation is noted for its sustainability, thermal performance and high quality. It offers an extended temperature range for all applications from 0° F to 1000° F. Manufactured into 3-ft. sections, it's easy to install and is available unfaced or with ASJ+ facing.


Product Features
Quality Design
Earthwool is the benchmark that stands apart for its sustainability, performance and consistently high product quality. It’s easy to handle and fabricate so install is fast.
ECOSE Technology
Our patented, bio-based binder is a smarter alternative to using phenol formaldehyde. It’s been foundational in our commitment to sustainability. For the world we live in.
Finished Appearance
ASJ+ facing offers wrinkle- and dimple-resistant qualities, resulting in a professional, finished appearance. It's even easy to clean with just a wet cloth and soapy water.
Product Details
Technical Data
Technical Data
Property (Unit) Test Performance
Corrosiveness ASTM C665 Does not accelerate corrosion of steel 
Corrosion ASTM C1617 Pass 
Maximum Service Temperature ASTM C411 + ASTM C447 1000° F (538° C) 
Water Vapor Permeance ASTM E96, Procedure A 0.01 perms or less
Water Vapor Sorption (by weight) ASTM C1104 Less than 5% 
Shrinkage ASTM C356 Negligible
Mold Growth ASTM C1338 Pass
Surface Burning Characteristics (flame spread/smoke developed) ASTM E84, UL 723, CAN/ULC S102 UL/ULC Classified FHC 25/50
Thermal Conductivity k
Thermal Conductivity | ASTM C335
Mean Temperature k k (SI)
75° F (24° C) 0.23 0.033
100° F (38° C) 0.24 0.035
200° F (93° C) 0.28 0.040
300° F (149° C) 0.34 0.049
400° F (204° C) 0.42 0.061
500° F (260° C) 0.51 0.074
600° F (316° C) 0.62 0.089
Minimum Pipe Insulation Thickness
Minimum Pipe Insulation Thickness
Fluid Operating  
Temperature Range
and Usage
Insulation Conductivity Nominal Pipe or Tube Size
Conductivity Range
BTU-in./(hr ∙ ft² ∙ °F)
Mean Temperature Rating <1" 1"–<1½" " 1½"–<4" 4"–<8" ≥8"
Heating and Hot Water Systems (Steam, Steam Condensate, Hot-Water Heating and Domestic Water Systems)a, b, c, d 
Above 350​° F 0.32–0.34 250° F 4½"  5"  5"  5"  5" 
251–350° F 0.29–0.31 200° F 3"  4"  4½"  4½"  4½" 
201–250° F 0.27–0.30 150° F 2½" 2½" 2½" 3" 3"
141–200° F 0.25–0.29 125° F 1½" 1½" 2" 2" 2"
105–140° F 0.22–0.28 100° F 1" 1" 1½" 1½" 1½"
Cooling Systems (Chilled Water, Brine, Refrigerant)a, b, c, d
40–60° F 0.21–0.27 75° F ½" ½" 1"  1" 1"
Below 40° F 0.20–0.26 50° F ½" 1" 1" 1" 1½"

a. For insulation outside the stated conductivity range, the minimum thickness (T) shall be determined as follows: T=r{(1+t/r)K/k-1}, where T=minimum insulation thickness (in.), r=actual outside radius of pipe (in.), t=insulation thickness listed in this table for applicable fluid temperature and pipe size, K=conductivity of alternate material at mean rating temperature indicated for the applicable fluid temperature {Btu ∙ in.(h ∙ ft² ∙ °F)}; and k=the upper value of the conductivity range listed in this table for the applicable fluid temperature.
b. These thicknesses are based on energy efficiency considerations only.
c. For piping smaller than 1½" and located in partitions within conditioned spaces, reduction of these thicknesses by 1" shall be permitted (before thickness adjustment required in footnote a) but not to thicknesses below 1". These thicknesses are based on energy efficiency considerations only. Issues such as water vapor permeability or surface condensation sometimes require vapor retarders or additional insulation.
d. The table is based on steel pipe. Non-metallic pipes schedule 80 thickness or less shall use the table values. For other non-metallic pipes having thermal resistance greater than that of steel pipe, reduced insulation thicknesses are permitted if documentation is provided showing that the pipe with the proposed insulation has no more heat transfer per foot than a steel pipe of the same size with the insulation thickness shown on the table. 
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