JetSpray™ Thermal Spray-On Insulation System

Designed for professionals looking to provide premium performance spray foam insulation alternatives for exterior walls. Grade I installation is quick and easy to achieve. Delivers both thermal and acoustical benefits while requiring no dangerous chemicals, providing ultimate comfort, safety and efficiency for the homeowner.


Product Features
Easy Install & Handling
Grade I installation is quick and easy to achieve. Spray-on insulation delivers highly precise application, lightweight packaging, and easy setup and cleanup.
Proven Performance
Can see maximum thermal performance with R-values of up to R-23, and acoustical benefits of up to 5 STC points — based on location and proper installation.
Quality Design
An excellent alternative to spray foam insulation with stabilized fiber technology allows it to be applied in a net-less, side wall application — creating a custom insulation solution for every project.
Product Details
Technical Data
Technical Data
Property (Unit) Test Performance
Corrosiveness ASTM C665 Does not accelerate corrosion of steel
Combustibility ASTM E136 Non-combustible
Thermal Value ASTM C518 See "Forms Available" table
Mold Growth ASTM C1338 Pass
Surface Burning Characteristics (flame spread/smoke developed) ASTM E84 25/50
Sidewall Coverage
Sidewall Coverage
Framing Cavity Depth R-Value Density Bags/  1,000 ft² Maximum Coverage/ Bag (ft²) Minimum Weight/ft²  (lbs/ft²)
2 x 4 3.50" R-15 1.9 PCF 17.3 57.7 0.554
2 x 6 5.50" R-23 27.2 36.7 0.871
2 x 8 7.25" R-31 35.9 27.9 1.148
2 x 10 9.25" R-39 45.8 21.8 1.465
2 x 4 3.50" R-14 1.5 PCF 13.7 73.1 0.438
2 x 6 5.50" R-22 21.5 46.5 0.688
2 x 8 7.25" R-29 28.3 35.3 0.906
2 x 10 9.25" R-37 36.1 27.7 1.156

Bag Net Weight - Nominal 32 lb., Minimum 31 lb.
“R” means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. To get the marked R-value, it is essential that this insulation be installed properly. To achieve stated R-values, the insulation must be installed at stated minimal thicknesses and maximum coverages. Stated R-value will be reduced with the use of re-feed material. Field manufacturing variables such as density and installation techniques may affect stated R-values. Following recommended manufacturer’s installation guidelines will minimize application variances. Field blending of this product with other loose fill insulations or application of this product in conjunction with adhesive or binder systems may affect its thermal performance and is not recommended by the manufacturer. To achieve stated R-values, this product must be applied with a Knauf-approved pneumatic blowing machine equipped with a fluid delivery system, a collector box and a corrugated hose with a minimum 1/4" internal corrugation and a minimum length of 150'. Additional equipment needed to finish wall sections would include an approved spray nozzle, wall scrubber, and a vacuum. See list of Knauf-approved equipment for installing Jet Spray Thermal.
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