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With its location near the airport and other commercial properties, theELLIE builders had a significant noise challenge.


Salt Lake City, Utah


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Knauf EcoBatt

Knauf Jet Stream® Ultra Blowing Insulation


GreenHome Specialties, Insulation Contractor

C.W. Urban, Developer

Wayne Baker, Architect


Townhomes are rising in popularity in Salt Lake City, especially for buyers looking for affordable starter homes. Location for theELLIE townhomes was in Roselle Park, a desirable area with a convenient two-minute drive to downtown—but also 100 feet from a major highway. The 24-unit complex was also near the airport and other commercial properties. This created a significant noise challenge.

In addition, Salt Lake City’s harsh weather underscored the need for theELLIE to be energy efficient to provide climate comfort—as well as cost savings—for its budget-conscious future owners.



Insulation contractor, GreenHome Specialties chose Knauf EcoBatt® Insulation for its proven performance. “Because people are buying these units, there’s an emphasis on sound control,” says Kyle Tolman, Owner GreenHome Specialties. “With EcoBatt, you can put a TV on the wall and you won’t hear it next door.” To provide maximum comfort, EcoBatt was installed on both sides of the shared walls—achieving a total value of R-38 between units.

Knauf EcoBatt: in the exterior walls and attic for temperature control
Knauf Jet Stream® Ultra Blowing Insulation: in the building attic for temperature

For extra thermal protection and to block highway and air traffic noise, Knauf JetStream Ultra Blowing Insulation was used in the exterior walls and attic. "The big benefit of the net and blow is that it fills in all the gaps, behind electrical boxes and wires." This allowed for a higher R value than using EcoBatt alone in this application.

Overall, theELLIE was insulated above code. This made it more energy efficient, comfortable—and appealing for townhome buyers. All 22 units were sold six months after they went on the market.

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