Battling Noise and Climate in the Heart of Salt Lake City



With rising energy costs, make sure theOLIVE is comfortable and energy-efficient for future renters.


Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah


Support C.W. Urban in providing unique real estate for Utah residents


Knauf EcoBatt

Knauf Jet Stream® Ultra Blowing Insulation


GreenHome Specialties, Insulation Contractor

C.W. Urban, Developer

Steed Construction, Architect


At the time of its build, theOLIVE was the first multi-family building of its kind to go up in the heart of Salt Lake City. With its downtown location, the primary challenge was sound control from neighboring bars, restaurants and the Utah Jazz’s Vivint Arena, as well as air traffic from nearby airport.

And with rising energy costs coupled with Salt Lake City’s brisk winters and hot summers, another priority was making sure theOLIVE was energy efficient for future renters. In fact, developer C.W. Urban places an emphasis on energy efficiency as a key selling point for marketing its buildings.


Insulation contractor, GreenHome Specialties chose Knauf EcoBatt® Insulation for the job. As a fiberglass insulation, EcoBatt offers proven performance for excellent thermal and sound control and it's easy to work with. "EcoBatt itches less than other products. And when you open the bag, the product expands very quickly and then recovers very quickly, so it fits in the cavity," says Kyle Tolman, Owner of GreenHome.

Knauf EcoBatt: in ceilings, corridors and party walls to control sound and temperature
Knauf Jet Stream® Ultra Blowing Insulation: in the building attic for temperature

But first, EcoBatt needed to meet the architect’s strict sound control requirements. After meeting the requirements, EcoBatt was used in the ceilings, corridors and shared walls. For added comfort and energy efficiency, EcoBatt insulation was installed above code requirements.


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